Why you need it

Exercise during pregnancy has an abundance of benefits for mom and baby during pregnancy. However, training incorrectly during pregnancy could lead to problems. Some of which could be very serious. This program educates you on how to train properly during your pregnancy.

We focus on science based methods that make training safe and effective. If you follow this program you will not only reap the benefits for you and baby during pregnancy, but you will set yourself up for a faster and smoother recovery postpartum.

Pelvic Floor and Core

A lot of women don’t know what their pelvic floor is. However during pregnancy it becomes one of the most important parts of the anatomy. Especially pertaining to training. It is a crucial part of the core along with the transverse abdomens which is also neglected by a lot of women during their training.

You need to address both in order to prevent and/or reduce the amount of diastasis recti, which is the separation of the abs. Training improperly could worsen or
increase the amount of diastasis that occurs.

Nutrition and Stress Management

Proper nutrition is extremely important during pregnancy, and one of the most underrated tools for optimum health is Stress Management. Studies show chronic stress is harmful for babies development, and increase the risk for preterm labor. Stress management is a core part of all of our programs, and is intertwined with our approach to nutrition. We make nutrition stress free, and easy. We give you tools to make eating healthy sustainable. You can continue to use these tools even past pregnancy.

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