Are you tired of dieting and having to start over with your fitness goals? Is the thought of counting calories and macros stressful to you? Do you want a more sustainable approach to nutrition so you can have results that last? The Fit Fierce Fun Sustainable Nutrition Method is made just for you. We dive deep into behavior and habit transformation so you shift as a person, and consistency becomes second nature. Enjoy full access to the portal and 1:1 support from me.

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Client Testimonial
Janice | Mother of 2/Works Full Time

5 Stars – Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I will be forever grateful for everything I learned in Victoria’s program.

My first fitness goal when starting my journey was consistency. I was strength training on my own (taking Peloton classes in the app). But I wasn’t seeing the results I’d thought I’d see after lifting for 9 months. I felt disappointed that I had put in so much time but wasn’t really seeing results in the mirror. It was also frustrating because I started to doubt myself and wasn’t having the motivation like I did in the beginning. So, I made “intensity” one of my New Year’s fitness resolutions.

When I saw Victoria’s Instagram posts and saw how insane her body composition was, I knew she could help me achieve my goals. I loved that her content was about wellness as a whole. It made me feel excited again. That’s when I knew I needed to reach out to her.

I wanted to genuinely make health and fitness a “lifestyle.” With all the tools I’ve gained in the program, I feel like I can definitely do that. The best part of the program is that it is sustainable! I am so happy that I will be able to continue my workouts and nutrition for life. Not having to count macros, weigh food, count calories or eat limited types of food made it feel so easy to stay disciplined. It never felt like I was on a “diet.”

Learning about the connection between food and working out, the timing of when to eat, what foods are better, and how to know when to stop eating have all been great tools that have become habit and auto-pilot. Juicing has also been a game changer. I notice my energy is not the same when I don’t have my green juice. I even got my young kids to enjoy juicing with me. It makes me feel good that my energy is consistently up throughout the day. It blew my mind that I was eating more a day than I ever did before, and reached my goals.

The workouts were very customized and targeted towards my goals. I learned so many new ones. If I didn’t know how to do a move, she sent me a training video of her. They are quick yet very informative and were super helpful. They’re also so easy to access in the portal. Very user friendly. Not only were my body goals met with the workouts, I got even more than I asked for. It feels so awesome to see muscles that I’ve never seen before! I also love how Victoria doesn’t focus on the scale. Learning to pay attention to my body and how I feel was yet another tool that makes the program so sustainable.

Not to mention we did this all virtual and bi-coastal. Victoria is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and is very kind and motivating. After completing the program I was so proud of how far she helped me come. I was super thrilled that she helped me crush my New Years resolution goal by July. I feel motivated to continue my journey and feel so thankful for the positive transformation. I am so glad I completed the program. I am so proud of the better version of myself.